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Creeping Islamization: "And for at least a decade, the Saudis have been pumping in money with the goal of replacing Indonesia's Islam with their own strict Wahhabi version."
Terrorists and their high status supporters worry about Bushs' lead in the election campaign

Kofi Annan, the friend of terrorist Khaddafi (Lockerby) and Nelson Mandela, the former terrorist who didn't qualify as a prisoner of conscience according to Amnesty, now engage against George W. Bush in the US presidential campaign because of latest polls indicating a steady lead for Bush and his fight for freedom against totalitarian Islamism/Sharia. Compare the rise of the Nazis - a militant, nationalistic, anti-Semitic sex segregated socialism  (compare "peaceful" and Jihad-Islam) born out of a language/ethnic identity and fed by and extended to brain-washed poor masses and ideological fanatics in other countries. Nelson Mandela should, of course, have a lot of credits for the peaceful ending of racial separatism/segregation in South-Africa but why does he now support militant, racist and separatist (or totalitarian) Islam?! Isn't he a freedom fighter after all? If Annan and Mandela think Islam is a helpful key for the future of Africa, I'm afraid they got the wrong key!

Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson suggested recently Nigeria as a new member of UN's security council. Compare this statement with what is said above and then add the close connections between Sweden and Annan as well as the Swedish pro-Islamic and pro terrorist  attitude.

U.N. whose record of financial mismanagement and corruption is staggering and growing

Possible Saddam-Al Qaeda Link Seen in U.N. Oil-for-Food Program

The total failure of Swedish social/criminal policy

The world's highest taxes have helped Sweden create a "social state" system that distributes moiney to incompetency while simultaneously supporting youth (child) criminality and bullying.

How? (very shortly):

1 The system is built out of a pragmatic epistemology based on the holy Trinity: state (bureaucracy) socialism, b) sychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychiatry, c) feminist (i.e. separatist) politics.

2 No need for result because the social state protects itself from all the dangers a private company has to face.

3 Whatever problems are explained as a lack of money to the social (bureaucracy) state, i.e. the ordination is the same as the cause of the disease. Examples: Early interventions in families are directed towards "easy to get" and "nice to play with" children at ages and sexes that are at no risk at all while those (because of sex segregation mainly boys) in the early teens and forward are neglected because no one dares to play with them. Feminism accuses an imaginary patriarchy and preaches "a passion for difference" that doesn't even exist, just for the purpose of gaining funds through the tax system in the social state. The social state, on its part, gains voters by tying them to itself. In Sweden one can already see how the majority in (or in close connection to) the social state are discriminating the rest of the population just like in The Brave New World and other dystopias. And psychiatrists sell non-working therapies and/or narcotic drugs resulting in even more lunatics on the street (compare the murder of Sweden's Minister of Foreign Affairs etc.).