Human rights from Peter Klevius without love
Definition of feminism, sex segregation (rapetivism), and "Tomboy". Also see critical European tradition

Pan-Arabic Islam - a blueprint for institutionalized slavery & rapetivism

The essence of her being is sex, that she is a born prostitute, and that, on becoming older, she schemes to make young women follow the same path" (Otto Weininger some 100 years ago).
Klevius: Laura Marholm, as well as many feminists/chauvinists of today say abt the same! Also see Klevius & Edith Södergran

Romantic love is the tabula rasa between sex segregation, friendship, and heterosexual attraction (Klevius).

Sex segregation is here synonymous with the "phallus" seen as the "hystericized site of displaced" sexes. Feminists = guardians of the "feminine". Girls from Venus & boys from Mars - come back to Tellus!

Why can't we marry our sibs and grown up kids? That might have rescued Terri Schindler-Schiavo from being killed!

Stop Islamists' desecration of the holy Human Rights!
Muslim crypto-creationist "scientist" stole Homo "Hobbit"
Heterosexual attraction, sex, kinship and friendship by P. Klevius (extracted from yet unpublished Homo Filius Nullius).

Virginia Woolf: "Why are women... so much more
interesting to men than men are to women?"

"Since Islam regards women as an active sexual power, it is important to restrict women’s sexual power over men. The result is isolating women and men in different worlds" (from Islamic Feminism by Mehrdad Darvishpour).

Klevius' comment: I oppose feminism because it was created in the late 19th century (abt 1894/95, or maybe slightly earlier) as a reaction to women's liberation and equal rights movement (which was supposed to lead to "women becoming men". Already back then many "feminists" also asked for equal rights without confronting the underlying segregation in full. There has been much confusion - mostly deliberate - about the term ever since, though. But real feminism is what the word implies, i.e. separatism from non-feminines. Real feminists are scared to death of loosing cultural "femininity", perhaps even more so than chauvinist men (if they exist anymore other than in some Hip Hop camps and fundamentalist Islamic etc societies). Don't let yourself be confused by feminist effort to apply the term feminism on historically non-feminist achievements, writings etc. Mary Wollstonecraft, for example, didn't know about feminism (hundred years before its first appearance with this meaning) and in fact opposed and ridiculed femininity. This notwithstanding many now try to make of her a feminist. But feminism is the main obstacle for girls'/women's (and ultimately men's) real liberation.

Klevius vs. Irigaray

Irigaray confuses attraction with sexual acts. Although I share Irigaray's view in “This Sex Which Is Not One.” that sexuality doesn't need to be "sexed", I strongly disagree with her interpretation of "desire" (i.e. what I name "heterosexual attraction" HSA) as only a cultural construction. Quite the contrary, the denying or rather reinterpretion (i.e. "making" of it a cultural construction) of biological/evolutionary heterosexual attraction (i.e. the very basis for heterosexual reproduction, see
Sexless gametes) constitutes the unresolved problem that feminists cannot admit withoput killing their loved and needed patriarch enemy.


Love does not exist as a coherent concept but can be sub-divided in bio-ties, friendship and eroticism. The common, but un-necessary, use of the word as a mix of eroticism and friendship (often built up on false projections/misunderstandings when between segregated persons) has as an effect that, for example, relationship/friendship become tied to sexual matter if they exist or not. The word can also be interpreted as synonymous with relationship thus including humans as well as pets, things etc (from an
EMAH perspective it hence embraces everything you like). A defendable conclusion of this would consequently be that friendship should not, in principle, be dependent on eroticism/sex more than say playing chess. Although the expression "falling in love" thus looses most of its magic many divorces on the ground of a lack of understanding/openness will be avoided as well. Furthermore, a shifting of focus from mere physical sex to include HSA (heterosexual attraction) will release previously repressed/neglected/abused/raped sensualism between the sexes (i.e. instead of the mechanical and atereotypic view that both sexes functions similarily in this respect). This is an obvious alternative to artificial (feminist) sex segregation. Although bio-femininity is an object for sex it does not necessarily imply disrespect towards the person, but, on the contrary, might add, and sometimes even exaggerate, to the value of that person. Of course, a balanced approach, which discriminates between person and biology, is the most desirable  Finally it can be argued that this discussion also may be used as in the (almost) conventional way of balancing male physical strength and female bio-beauty (which has nothing to do with make up, dresses etc. artificial "feminist" attributes, loaded as they are with millennias of sex segregation!

Because feminists deny HSA (hetero sexual attraction - see below) i.e. what is genetically implanted in males, they also miss a universe in their structural effort to explain sex/gender relations. Also they contribute to (in fact, they are) sex segregation in the same way as chauvinists who are scared to death about the imaginary threat from the feminists (who are in fact their secret allies) i.e. that they want to rob the world from heterosexuality (i.e. a confused view on HSA and artificial "femininity").

The Love Trap - bio-hetero sexual attraction confused with personhood

Males and females may be equally affected by esthetics in general, incl. looks etc. (i.e. individually but regardless of sex). Heterosexual attracton (HSA), however, is different because it departures from male genetics and is mirrored from women's bodies as beauty in the male eye..And this is just nice as long as it doesn't cause misunderstanding, especially due to old-fashioned sex segregation implying "complementariness", love, understanding, relation etc. where that's not at all the case, hence hindering or confusing the possibilities for real human relations, regardless of sex but spiced with the possibility of sex.

The terms heterosexual and homosexual were originally meant as descriptions of sexual deviancy (i.e. re. "non-reproductive" sex).

Since psychoanalysis is synonymous with feminism because both basically relay on the constitutional segregation of women and men many feminists may ask why they have chosen to title themselves feminists. Is it essential or just temporal/political? From this point of view women (or men) as a category does not exist except for one tiny, and not yet precisely described thing, the hetero sexual attraction (HSA) that is built into my brain and that sometimes effects some of my relations with some women. In short: most women's bodies under certain conditions are considered erotically attractive to most men (athough that does not imply any kind of necessity due to further erotics!). If I would be attracted by a man then this attraction can hardly contain traits of evolutionary heteroattraction. As a consequence of this view a "woman" is least a women when she delivers and feeds a baby. Heterosexuality needs a male/female relatiion but they may also be able to copulate without heteroattraction at all! Only sexual attraction.

Sigmund Freud, “the virtual author of sexual modernism” wrote surprisingly little about femininity (M. J. Buhle 1998:29) and Karen Horney, on her part, decided that femininity as such does not even exist. Men and women experience the same difficulties in establishing secure relationships and in realizing their potential. Femininity is thus merely a disguise. Apart from the relationship between sexual function and personality S. Freud advised that an individual woman may also be a human being, which statement K. Horney considered a “relief” in the Freudian canon. She advised women to stop bother about what is feminine or what is not, and to instead overcome their “feelings of inferiority”. According to K. Horney the peculiar fascination with sex differences must be regarded as a danger signal for women. Women should forget about these differences and develop their “potentialities as human beings”  (ibid 117-118). Although K. Horney pointed this danger particularly to the “patriarchal society” its effects would probably be the same even if its source was the feminine itself.

Because of a tremendous worldwide variation in traits and behavior linked to masculinity and feminity K. Horney ultimately resolved to what could be named a cultural theory of femininity. Psychoanalysis hence was the main tool for assisting women to adjust to the new requirements of modern society. Women suffered the malady of “boy-craziness”, i.e. an obsession with love and romance because of an “inherited tradition” that had compressed their numerous possibilities into the “narrower sphere of eroticism and motherhood”. Sexual intercourse for these women is a neurotic aspiration of the elixir of life that is accessible only through men  (M. J. Buhle 1998:111-112). But it was not S. Freud’s physical ordination for hysteric women of a “normal penis several times” but rather the phallic representation of an excluded world outside the sphere of femininity.that ultiimately seems to have worried Karen Horney. Her equation, however, lacked HSA thus missing the last tiny part that may had knitted her extensive and well-articulated frame-work together into a coherent package released from the heavy burdon of cultural sex-segregation..
Why did you call yourself a psychoanalyst, Karen Horney?

Despite a considerable body of ”evolutionary” speculations there seem to be only two distinct facts to rely on in sexual reproduction: heterosexual attraction (HSA, for example what makes: a fish deliver his sperms on top of a heap of roe; a bee to carry pollen to the pistil etc.) and biological kin recognition/altruism. These, however, are almost extinct in the discourse of today. Both S. Freud and J. Butler seem to have neglected them maybe because of a view on sexuality that does not discriminate evolutionary aims of sexuality (also remembr that Freud was a stubborn Lamarcianist without any knowledge about DNA!). Recognizing HSA hence would make controversies about sexual identity, homo-sexuality etc. less controversial, not the least because there seems to be limited access to a description of what it really is, except for that it has to be there because of how we conceptualise evolution itself (compare L. Irigaray 1985).

Evolutionary determined, biological dispositions and biological incest taboo emanate all the way from the first two-sexed organisms (see
Sexless gametes). But the belief that post-pubertal “eroticism” necessarily predestines behavior in two distinct classes, feminine and masculine, seems inappropriate. Equally inappropriate it seems to neglect that special form of eroticism, which is based in heterosexual attraction (HSA) built-in in the sex that has to bring its genetic share to the other sex or place where the offspring has to develop. When some mutant pre-haploid-DNA-cells in early non-sex populations became able to “repair” themselves by emerging with other single mutants, those mutants that were not “attracted” by other mutants got extinct. The others established evolutionary successful, “biological heterosexuality”, i.e. sexual reproduction. There seems, however, no certain way of discriminating between reproductive and cultural eroticism. Thus sex, just like race (racial body characteristics) lacks clear-cut definitions and consequently it is impossible to conceptualise sex other than in connection with specified circumstances (e.g. the production of folic acid due to skin colour, and statistical, physical differences due to sex etc.). Although the “cake” of eroticism for most part may be eaten by anyone (independent of sex), part of it consists of bio-”heterosexual” attraction, which, of course, is restricted to hetero sexuality. The problem, though, as said above, is that no one can describe it, only assume its evolutionary necessity. Sex-transgression subverts general concepts of sex but simultaneously puts the concept of feminism in question. Diagnosing a disease such as skin cancer, and then calling this method skin-cancerism, makes the latter dependent on the former. So without “feminines” there seems to be no place for feminists either as long as feminism is conceptualised as a diagnosis (of patriarchal oppression on women). “Heterosexual attraction” is built-in in the sex that has to physically deliver its share of fecundation

Hijab, the Muslim way of sex segregation

Hijab dress coding signals “unavailability” so that Muslim (believing) women may be distinguished from those "unbelievers" and "infidels" who are considered “molest able”. Hence the concept of Hijab expresses the two foremost of disgusting features in Islam, namely ultimate sexist, sex segregation and a worldview that strongly despices the "other".

What is the world's most beautiful thing - or is it? Ass- and/or asexual relations.

Long since I saw a feminist on a picture showing her ass in a feminist publication. The text below stated: Take it like a man! Of course I did, although I think she had really missed the point of HSA (the other option being that she just produced pornography under a feminist cover).

By all measures, for most men a woman's ass is the world's most beautiful thing (albeit the viewer is often doped by sex hormones so accordingly the comparison might be considered being outside ordinary categories of aesthetics). While almost half of the world's population thinks so, the other half often feels it as a yoke. It may also be noted that it keeps its attraction regardless of muscles etc. However, the tricky part of the issue is how to handle it. The spectrum goes from hiding it in a burka and feel it reflected through the eyes behind the mask or showing it openly as in an MTV video. Most people, however, live in between with few if any problems with it. What is especially intriguing is fundamentalist and feminist interpretations, which are basically the same namely the negative one, i.e. a "rapist" view.

A man shouldn't be "active"/pushing for sex, i.e. a crypto-rapist (also consider the option of relating as a human being to an other human. Is sex really the most essential, or even necessary, ingredient in this particular relation?). A man may well be (potentially) hetero-horny (see HSA above) without necessarily acting/pushing/"raping". The "active" one should, in most cases, be the woman (e.g. because of the biologically sex segregated and complementary HSA - see above). The word combination active/masculine has long since misled us to unnecessary sex segregation and needless "rapist" behavior. I myself lost my "manhood" when a cute girl in my teens told me she felt so relaxed when I wasn't always trying to push her in bed (of course I did but she just didn't notice because of my good acting). I can't say I miss my "manhood" because I've had a lot more relaxed fun without it! On the other hand should a woman avoid using men as simple sex toys. Whereas that might have a slight "turning off" effect, allowing space for her real bio-femininity (HSA) may do the opposite. It may also help create a more relaxed attitude between the sexes.

What is it/could it be to be a woman? A hobby rather than an identity. To be proud of your ass (HSA) no matter what you do with it. You are/should be the master of it. And even if you have a woman's ass you have the absolute right also to neglect it and to be protected (by Negative Human Rights) from others making an issue of it. The latter is your option to abandon "womanhood"/femininity and become the human being you have the right to be. Remember the words of Hedwig Dohm:"Human rights have no sex"!

Temporal or absolute asexuality - freedom from sex pressure and an easier life.
The right to be asexual shouldn't be restricted to the "asexuals". We all need it in an over-sexualized world.

What we really need to get rid of is the strange belief in sex as essential for identity! This belief is trapped in sex segregation, as is the belief in a compulsory "gender-relation". Always remember that today is the yesterday of tomorrow! See The secret of der Führer: a normal penis, several times
Also see
Klevius' Psycho/social timeline and From Freud to bin Laden!
Discuss it on:
Sex segregation, feminism and religion!

Acknowledgement! Because the text above is partly extracted in small portions from the book Homo Filius Nullius it might appear confusing in some respects. But I'm continously working on it to make it more understandable. Please have patience!
Cape Verde Sharia rape/stoning of female tourists (Feb 11, 07)


Why call antifascism Naziphobia or Islamophobia?!
Klevius' definition of human rights (especially the "negative human  rights" which are denied in all forms of Islam!)
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Sex segregation
(i.e. "patriarchy") in all its forms: Compulsory, traditional, or voluntarily defensive - like e.g. feminism/s). Feminists like to blur it by using gender - a word no one really understands. Feminism (just like masculinism) is separatism. Hence those who call themselves "feminists" while opposing sex segregation are no real feminists.
Critical European tradition
Girls/women do face some common odds: Chauvinism/feminism!
Please, comment on: Sex segregation, feminism & religion!
Intelligent design may be unintelligent!
Klevius definition of religion

Peter Klevius: August Strindberg announced the death of the father in 1887. "Feminists then shot the patriarch while the state took the children" (Klevius 1996). May I now suggest euthanasia for the mother (see Angels of Antichrist and Childless child psychoanalysts in search for womanhood/femininity)

The double standards of feminism
"False and true feminism" (French law professor Raymond Saleilles in late 19th century). And a modern feminist:
Anti-feminists emerge paradoxically in the history of the cause more as the heiresses of the mother of feminism herself"
Social/political/economic equality of the sexes is a tautology in a feminist paradigm. Feminism rests on 
sex segregation (i.e. enforcing a cultural "feminine/masculine" sex/gender dichotomy) hence counteracting real emancipation. The cure is actually part of the disease (other main cuplprits being psychoanalysis and Islam). 22.000 estimated rapes/yr in Sweden almost outrun the notorious Victorian sex-horror of Freud's time! Feminism has done nothing for "the other sex" in abt 100 yrs, except claiming un-deserved credits! It seems that girls/women now, due to sex segregation are even worse off and with less real self-esteem etc than ever! The feminist Swedish children's TV is now filled with princesses, "femininity", "chance" lessons etc. sex segregational stuff that effectively hinders girls' and boys' sex-free relations.. No wonder many girls end up as feminists and the boys retreat (except for sex)!

Sex segregation in sports: Heroic women and some tiny men!

Danica Patrick - Indy 500 Honda (see Euro-vulgo vs Shinto high tech) driver -: "I've heard great stories about the fathers coming with their little girls because all of a sudden their little girl has someone to root for, and they want to go to the race track now."

Was the world's best ever female soccer team, Dick, Kerr's Ladies 1917-1922, killed by feminists (see below!)? Their main star Lily Parr scored some 1.000 times and once so that she broke the arm of a condescending male goalkeeper!

Kenyan footballer: "I looked like a boy in my childhood," says Adhiambo, a player for the leading women's club Makolanders. "My mother dressed me like one and I found myself taking up boys' roles. That is how I started playing soccer."

The total (feminist) confusion on this topic is revealed in a Swedish poll asking: Are low female wages due to biology or discrimination? Where's the third alternative, i.e. sex segregated up-bringing?



"For the sake of Islam itself its true teachings should not be so clearly expressed" So when Freud stated that: "Islam lacks  profundity because it's only an abbreviated repetition of the Jewish religion", he clearly seems to have overlooked Jihad and the idea of "infidels"!

INFO DESK Arab//Islamic Sudan genocide, gang rapes, etc
(Puzzling skulls, Muslim "anthropology", liberal racism/sexism, etc)
FEMINISM & ISLAM share and are based on the same desperate passion for sex segregation (Klevius comments Shaheed Mutahhari)
Out of Africa as "Pygmies" and back as global "Mongoloids"

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Testosterone myth unveiled when girls get a chance. Active females rise their testosterone more than males!
Sex segregation (open/subtle) is the twisted navel-string from the Vagina gate to feminism (Peter Klevius 1993).

Malcolm X's:catch 22 also applies to feminism: "Any Negro trying to integrate is actually admitting his inferiority, because he is admitting that he wants to become a part of a 'superior' society." Malcolm X later rejected this view and got murdered by black racist Islamists.

Artificial sex dimorphism: Young  boys now reflect sex segregation by boosting (doping) their bodies and aggressions to be "cool" in front of girls (who, in turn, are busy keeping themselves more "feminine" than even mother Nature thought appropriate). So although humans have the lovest sex dimorphism among primates, we seem to do our utmost to widen it artificially! Why? Yes, sex segregation now divides humans in two groups not because of size etc. but because of type of genitals, i.e. if you are small with wrong (male) genitals it's e.g. assumed that you can take some physical abuse better than if you are big but with female genitals!? Plus all else implied by this view...

What is experienced as a typical "woman" is, in fact, the product of values in the past appearing in girls as "brain-binding". But instead of loosening up, feminists use it as an unchangeable marker for the "feminine" while simultaneously demanding the change of men/"patriarchy"! is an open exploration of the (hostile but rewarding) no wo/man's land that demarcates and separates our understanding of self-explanatory (but hidden) matter of course such as e.g. the reactionary nature of the birth of feminism and psychoanalysis in the cradle of modernity and in the aftermath of early (non-feminist) women's liberation.movement. Viewing feminism and psychoanalysis as parts in a reactionary counter-movement (still going on), better explains their shortcomings and also reveals what it really is about, namely a desperate and artificial fight for a sex segregation there is no real need for anymore. The modern word feminism actually came about at exactly the same time as Freud "discovered" psychoanalysis, and much confusion is due to time specific (and often deliberate) erroneous mix of feminism and liberation..

Do you really believe in Freud's defense (psychoanalysis) of his treatment and limitation of his wife? See Psycho-timeline
What is sex segregation?
Did feminists kill the world's best ever female team?

It seems that the main opposition to female soccer has been among women who might be considered feminists. To understand this you have to know that there was not only  a huge confusion among feminists in the late 19th and early 20th century, but this confusion is even worse today when the feminist label is generously applied on history to whatever happens to be suitable for the author in her/his strive to defend
sex segregation (i.e. the very basis for feminism/femininity). Roughly one may argue that there has been a double standard among women. One that takes the natural step forward demanding (and taking responsibility for) equality and the other who fears that very same equality so much that she sometimes is hard to differ from a male misogynist. This is why the Victorian and later "anti-feminists" were in fact feminists (see e.g. Martine Faraut's  Women resisting the vote). The girls on the picture got an opportunity of de-sex segregatation because of extraordinary circumstances such as war, powerty, sex-mixed working and playing etc., They became de-sex segregated becaause of segregation from the wealthy feminist women! Why can't we now give the same opprtunities without sex segregation, war and powerty?
"...the game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged." These famous words, usually ascribed to male chauvinism, were, in fact, allegedly uttered by a female physician heard by the FA as an "expert" some months before the final decision in December 1921. But the words not only destroyed the future of English female soccer, they also represented a huge backup choir of female voices (physicians, headmistresses, teachers etc) who furiously resisted de-sex segregation, the worst thing that could happen to the "femininity" of Britsh girls!.And football (soccer) was considered among worst of these threats. Why? Maybe because of the same reason that made it the world's most popular sport. Its trickyness (no hands) that forces soccer lovers to really learn the game and its instruments (like mucisians), its freedom on an individual as well as on a team basis, its easiness to exercise where and whenever, and finally its "sex-detached" soul. Because critical feminist research focuses on "men as a group" it's not surprising that this kind of resistance will become unnoticed/covered up. It's more than likely!

Dick, Kerr's Ladies team may also be considered the world's greatest team of all times regardless of sex because of its groundbreaking de-sex segregation (on many levels) AND its importance in charity and as a meeting point of both women and men in the aftermath of a devastating war time. War and powerty released society temporarily from sex segregation and pavedthe way for the greatest female team ever!

The team included Lily Parr who is considered the greatest female player ever (sorry Mia, you are great too) with some 1000 official match goals! Although everything should be compared on par with its time, Lily seems to have been extraordinary even measured from today's standard. Hadn't she smoked that much she'd probably been even better! (P. Klevius, February 2005).

Sex segregation in the ancient "civilized" world

Rape was a common form of sex segregated/skewed "communication" between females and males in, for example, the ancient Greece and Rome. Not only as a legal social institution (marriage etc) but also in the form of males always preying on females, e.g. sent for bringing water from the wells etc. This is why "worthy" females had to be jailed in the house. However, if applied, Peter Klevius theory on sex segregation and HSA (male biased heterosexual attraction) leads to the horrifying conclusion that a lack of HSA would probably have led to females being used not almost but entirely as cattle in separate cattle houses, perhaps with slaves forced to breed with them! Today Islam represents this horror from the past* by "veiling" females by the help of rigid sex segregation in the form of Sharia. The Islamic female jail today allows her walking on the street but keeps her completely confined via its ruling and harsh consequences of disobedience.

* compare the title page of Klevius
Demand for Resources -on thre right to be poor:

The civilized wo/man walks
back in her/his foot steps,
strikes a light and lets her/himself be enlightened
and gloryfied
the forgotten suffering,
and the shadow behind her/him,
hanging over the future,
are greater    (P. Klevius 1991).
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